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Saturday, 14 May 2016

A Trip Around Aireville Park

Aireville Park, Skipton, is located a few minutes from my house. Visiting the park on sunny days is one of my favourite things to do. Aireville Park is mostly wheelchair friendly which is brilliant.

The top entrance to Aireville Park is just about wheelchair accessible. There is no dropped curb but I can get onto the pavement by going up a lowered section of concrete designed to let cars into the park.

No dropped curb!

Once in the park, the paths are wide and smooth which is perfect for wheelchairs (and bikes and scooters!). However, one of the paths ends at a zebra crossing across a small road. One side of the zebra crossing has a dropped curb but the other side doesn't. This means that wheelchair users have to travel a few meters along the road.

The zebra crossing with only one dropped curb.

The road isn't busy and the cars drive very slowly, but it is a shame because a dropped curb could so easily have been put in at the other side of the crossing. One of the things that most frustrates me when I'm out and about is the lack of joined up thinking applied to dropped curbs. If there is a dropped curb one side of the road, there needs to be a dropped curb at the other side too. Otherwise, how are wheelchair users and others who can't step up a curb supposed to cross the road?

Aireville Park has speed bumps along the main path. These speed bumps are flattened off at one end which makes it much easier to get wheelchairs and pushchairs over them. I think that this feature is wonderful because it makes the park so much more accessible whilst still slowing cars that drive through the park. Consequently, the park is safe and open for everyone.

A partially flattened speed bump.

The bottom entrance to Aireville Park is completely wheelchair accessible. There is a small gate to get through but this is nearly always left open which makes access so much easier.

There are also a lot of benches in the park which is fantastic for people with limited mobility who need to take frequent rests.

Aireville Park is a great place for a trip out. It is one of the most wheelchair friendly places in Skipton, which is great because I love it there!

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